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Parker Emissions Testing & Repair


We are a state licensed diesel emissions station. We can run light duty diesel trucks and other vehicles as long as they are rear wheel drive. The cost is $75.00 Monday through Friday, and retests are $45.00.

Our diesel emissions technician is state certified and licensed, he will perform a multi-point inspection on the vehicle to make sure it is safe to run on our dynamometer. Any vehicle deemed unsafe will not be run. It is his job to protect your vehicle, his license, our station license and our emissions testing equipment.

Preparing for an Emissions test:

  • turn all tuners, chips and programmers to stock or to zero, we are not permitted by the state to do this for you
  • drive it like you stole it before the test, it wouldn’t hurt to put a bottle of Ultra Guard fuel treatment in the tank before you drive it
  • the engine should be at operating temperature
  • all fluids should be at their appropriate levels
  • the check engine light is off
  • air filter is clean
  • please remove trailers, snow plows and campers

The vehicle will fail the emissions test if:

  • the check engine light comes on at any time during the test
  • the MIL light does not come on with key on engine off
  • the opacity is 36% or higher at any level
  • any of the emissions control devices are missing, not connected, tampered with or altered
  • the catalytic converter is not EPA approved with EPA numbers on it

The test will not be performed if:

  • the vehicle is all wheel or front wheel drive (however, we have partners that can service the emission tests)
  • there is a fuel leak or any other major leak
  • the tires are bald, studded, dry rotted, over sized (let us take a look), have spacers or an excessive amount of mud on them
  • the tail pipe does not exit out the right rear of the vehicle after the axle
  • the GVW is greater than 14,000 lbs – bigger than a F350 or 3500
  • any of the gauges are inoperable
  • brakes are inoperable or defective
  • has bad u-joints, ball joints, center support bearing, drive shaft or broken leaf springs
  • the vehicle has traction control (Jeeps and Mercedes)
  • any vehicle exceeding 11.5ft in height


(303) 841-6527

6250 East Pine Lane, Unit B
Parker CO 80138

Hours of Operation:
Mon-Fri: 8am - 5pm
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed


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6250 East Pine Lane, Unit B
Parker CO 80138 


Mon-Fri: 8am - 5pm
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed