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Consider Your Activities and Modifications When Seeking Truck Repair in Parker, CO

Truck owners are a special bunch—between the various activities that can only be accomplished behind the wheel of a rugged diesel (off road adventuring and tractor pulling), to the extensive aftermarket modifications that can be applied to heavy duty trucks, the fun of being a truck owner is virtually limitless.

However, all of this intense activity and the constant tinkering of a truck enthusiast can present some unique problems when it comes to servicing and maintaining a diesel truck. If something’s not right under the hood of your trusty rig or you know that the time has come to seek truck repair in Parker, CO, make sure you’re taking into account the modifications and constant demands of your vehicle and communicating these variables to your repair professional.

Knowing the full story

The reason for full disclosure when visiting an auto repair shop is simple: the more pieces to a puzzle your mechanic has, the clearer they’ll be able to see the picture of the problem. For example, if you’re experiencing symptoms indicative of a major powertrain malfunction, it helps a repair professional to understand the rigors that you put your truck through, so that they can rule out different malfunctions and run-of-the-mill issues.

Aftermarket modification is another aspect of your truck that you should disclose, simply because it will help a repair professional become more familiar with your rig. Many drivers are afraid to disclose everything they’ve done to modify their trucks, simply because they’re worried it will drive the price of repair up or worse, void their powertrain warranty. In many cases, repair professionals are familiar with aftermarket parts and systems, allowing them to work freely on them—but if they’re not informed of the modifications ahead of time, there’s no way for them to approach the problem correctly.

Service with accuracy

Truck repair in Parker, CO is all about making the functioning systems of your diesel vehicle work in harmony—a goal that can’t truly be accomplished until a repair professional has spent some time getting to know your vehicle. True, many trucks come off the line with identical specs, but once they’re off the lot and in the hands of an owner, a truck can be as unique as a fingerprint.

Giving a repair professional full disclosure about your truck and its history is like telling its story. And, when you have a mechanic who knows the full story and has even played a role in shaping chapters of its life, you can be sure that the story is going to last—just like your truck.

By accurately understanding and servicing your vehicle, a repair professional can take the necessary steps needed to deliver optimal care. Whether it’s an alignment adjustment or a comprehensive engine overhaul, the better a professional knows your vehicle, the better they’re going to be able to care for it.

The next time you go in for truck repair in Parker, CO, make sure you’re taking the time to properly and thoroughly disclose the status and history of your truck—doing so will get you back behind the wheel quicker and ensure that you stay there longer.

Diesel Emissions Testing in Parker, CO

Emission testing is an important part of keeping our state clean and beautiful. It keeps dangerous, belching machines that are poorly maintained off the roads until they have been properly evaluated and updated by the state and their owners.

We are lucky, here in Parker, to be included in the zone designated by the state to include the inspection of diesel engines and diesel vehicles of all sizes. As you can see on this map provided by the Colorado state government (http://www.colorado.gov/cs/Satellite/Revenue-MV/RMV/1185957917898) only those living within the boarders are subject to diesel engine emission inspection and, as a result, those living in this area have a community with higher air quality.

We are one of only two licensed locations to evaluate, upgrade, and certify diesel emissions in Parker, CO. Our inspectors, with years of experience, have been stringently qualified by the Department of Revenue and Motor Vehicles to dissect and understand every aspect of yours, and everyone’s, diesel vehicles on the air quality of our lovely state.

When do you require a new passing emissions certificate, you may wonder? Each time a vehicle changes ownership, it requires a certificate, at the expense of the seller, and for some vehicles, tests are required for registration renewal. Check your registration renewal card to find out if this applies to your vehicles.

Diesel vehicles also have their own unique requirements that are different from other vehicles. Light-duty vehicles, that is, a vehicle with a gross weight of 14K lbs. or less, do not need an emission test if bought brand new for four model years. After those four years it must be tested once a year after that. All diesel vehicles with the model year 2003 and older must be tested every year, and any vehicle from 2004 to the present must be tested every other year. Any diesel vehicle heavier than 14K has the same test exemption for the first four years, then must be tested every other year for ten years and then each following year after that.

When you come in for any repair or tune up, Diesel Repair & Performance can provide diesel emission testing while you wait! As stated above, our going rate for a diesel emission test is forty dollars, but if you come in with thirty dollars cash in exact change, we will perform your testing at a discounted rate while we also attend to any of your other vehicular questions and needs.

We service all makes and models of diesel truck and car and have the training and know how not only to evaluate each one’s diesel emissions but also how to advise you in bringing your machine up to the state requirements. Next time you have a break in your schedule, and your diesel ride is due for an evaluation, come visit us at Diesel Repair & Performance. We’ll check out your machine and send you off better acquainted with your truck or car and its output.

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